How can I update recurring event's ID ?


I’m using pro version.

I used customized form to add or edit event.

when an event is double clicked, it opens the form filled with the data.

It happens when I try to update one of recurring events.

I added a serial of events which happens everyday.

And I tried to change one of it

and new event was saved as new row and everything works great.

when ajax successfully returns new ID for the event.

I tried to change event id first for event updating.
for example, from ‘132#11112222333’ to ‘176’.

But it doesn’t work.
It just stays as is.
afterwards, I update event data and updateEvent(id); called.

without changing event id, it works great.

but I can’t change event id after updateEvent or before updateEvent either.

But when I tried change it after event in JS console, it works.

let me put some flow of my code

1.hooked up double click to open form
scheduler.attachEvent(“onDblClick”, function (id, e){
and I put my form into lightbox

  1. when I click Update in the form, it calls ajax

     	url: '/appointment/update',
     	method: 'POST',
     	dataType: 'json',
     	data: f_data
     }).success(function(data) {
  2. when success func is called
    I tried to change recurring event’s id.
    but not working.

I checked in console printing events by calling console.log(getEvent(id))
looks like it has not been changed at all.

by writing in console to change it.
it works.

Am I missing something here?


Which function are you using to change the Id? You’re using changeEventId, right?

Yes I was


id from original onDblClick handler
data from ajax returns.

I tried

no luck…

after that, it just changes event id to something else
like 1438631366226

what is this?

Sorry it worked with

but want to modify the code not reloading it.

Don’t know why when I updateEventId after adding event to db works fine
but not after update recurring event.

let me know if you find any


found the reason myself.

it was endLightbox(‘true’, form);

< this somehow rolls back my data on view.

I changed to “false” for scheduler not to manipulate any data for me.