How can we still show the header text?

How can we still show the header text in dhtmlxLayout even if the header has been collapsed?


you can use setCollapsedText method:


everything works, thanks! :wink:

I’m trying to use this method, but it isn’t working…

I think you need to use new version of dhtmlxLayout.

This is what I got from “readme.txt”:

dhtmlxLayout v.2.5 Standard edition build 91111

Is this the problem?

I have the same version.
My source code:

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“layoutContainer”, pattern);
dhxLayout.setCollapsedText(“a”, “Collapsed caption”);

My sample source code:


test dhtmlx

And it’s not working…


try using attached file. It is the latest layout version. (17.3 KB)

Thank you, Alexandra!

Now it’s working.

Also, thank you pashtet for your time.