how do handle confirmation messages in Gris using dataproces

I am performing Grid operation using Dataprocessor fine. Now i want to display status message in client side. For example “operation successfull”. How do i do that? Once the server side operation done i am returning succeess flag. ex: return 1; How do i handle this message displayed in client side?

You can use custom server side responces … mmon_tasks

i have tried the above said techniques. but i didnt get any improvements. I am sending data to sever side using the below code.
myDataProcessor.sendData();   Once the sever side operation (add/update) done, how do i get response in client side?
i have tried using the below


I didnt get any alert? Is there anything to do in server side i need to do? Something need to return?

Please help me

After update/insert/delete operations your server side code should returns response in the following format:


Standard action names is “update”, “insert” and “delete”. Please find more information here … aprocessor

Done.  Now it is working fine.Thanks.