How do I install the Suite?

Sorry if this question is already here somewhere, but I couldn’t find this anywhere. I’ve downloaded the zip file ( and have unzipped it - but now what? I can’t find any instructions on how to install the whole suite to my server…

Can anyone help or point me to the full instruction set?

Thank you!

There is no any specific install procedure. You need to copy files from codebase folder - that is all.

You can check step-by-step instruction here -

following the instructions in

In step 3;
Find the " codebase " folder in the root of the " dhtmlxSuite " package and extract it to the " contact_manager " folder.

What do you mean “extract it”, Copy the files from codebase to the " contact_manager " folder.

A comment: this software is very, very dificult to install, for me, almost impossible to create the simple “HelloWorld” app.

is it possible to use dhtmlx in JSF? any simple sample code?