How do I know what data is Posted using Form around grid

How do I know what data is being passed using the form wrapped around the grid container element. E.g

Example of the XML:

− 3 oos1000165

There are plenty of these rows. What would I use to grab that post data on the Server Process Side of the script. After my grid object is created I have a button that submits it to a data processor page. WHAT WOULD THE POST DATA BE from the grid object in this format :

$_POST[‘What is being sent’];

I cannot figure out what data to grab to insert it into my MySQL database. I tried putting Id’s on the cells tag elements but nothing. Any advice?

The PRO edition of Grid includes form extension. It provides the ability to submit grid data using a form: … _form.html

As you can see in the sample the parameters which are sent to the server have the following format: