How do I manually refresh statistic counters?

I am using the Grid v2.5. I have Smart Rendering enabled (grid.enableSmartRendering(true)) and I have a custom statistic counter in the footer. On grid load, the footer only calculates the values for the visible rows - not all of the rows in the grid as I would expect. Once a cell is edited in the grid, then all of the footer statistic counters are recalculated correctly. How do I recalculate the footer counters after the grid is finished loading?

If you are using static srnd - it must include all values in calculation. In case of dyn. loading - there is no way to include not loaded data in calculation.

I am using static srnd. Below is my custom statistic counter:

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._in_header_stat_dhCount=function(tag,index,c){ // shortcut for statistics counter var calck=function(){ // define the function which will be used for calculations var count=0; // set initial counter value this.forEachRow(function(id){ // for each row count += (checkValue[this.cells(id,index).getValue()] == undefined ? 0 : 1); // add row_value }) return count; } this._stat_in_header(tag,calck,index,c); //call default statistics handler processor }
An example page that I’m using this on has 53 rows. The forEachRow function is only firing for the first 8 rows (the only visible rows at the time the counter is being calculated). The getRowsNum() returns 53 rows inside the calculation function, but the forEachRow is only being called 8 times. Do you have any suggestions?





or use index based iteration ( unfortunately both solution will result in decreasing of performance )