How do I pass content from editor to form?

Very basic question but can’t find it in the documentation. How do I pass the content from the editor into a form? Is it just like a regular textbox, and if so, which is the field (or id) for the name?


Do you mean dhtmlxEditor component ?

If you do, try to use the getContent() method:

var content = editor.getContent(); … ntent.html

Thats right - the dhtmlxeditor component.      In the example where you put the content down to the other textbox - I need to put that same content into a simple form - still don’t see how to do that.

This doesn’t work (when I’m tryiing to get a form element named “res”):

<form action=whatever….  METHOD=“POST” ENCTYPE=“application/x-www-form-urlencoded”>


You can place the content into some hidden fields of the form.

That worked.   Thanks.

One more thing - the only skin that I can get to work is ‘sky-blue’, like the example.     Is there any reason black or ‘standard’ doesn’t work?

standard skin isn’t supported in 2.5 version

The sample for editor skins - dhtmlxEditor/samples/01_initialization/04_editor_skinning.html ( … nning.html ).