How do I remove time dependencies on the dhtmlx scheduler?

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I’m working on a project where I am to develop a chart that displays “requirements” or “to-do” objects. The main requirements for the spec is that it is time independent and I have only removed the time axis using some css. Is there any configuration method or options that allows me to cleanly remove the time dependencies for the entire chart/scheduler? Thanks!

do you have some kind of mockup of how it should look? However, since you don’t need the data items to be associated with date/time and displayed accordingly, probably the scheduler is not the best suited component for your app? Have you considered other data presentation components for example dhtmlxDataView

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The dhtmlxScheduler is probably the best for what I need because I still need to display the “requirements” based on the date, excluding the time (e.g. 28th October 2015 - 31st October 2015). It should show these events for those days in the range, but should not depend on the time of the event in which it can be “sorted” in any logic, rather than earliest to latest time.

Is there any way to remove this time dependency and only provide a date (“day-month-year”) dependency for the entire scheduler?

Attached is a screencap of what I’m trying to implement using the dhtmlxScheduler API.


You can disable display of events time part and time pickers in the details form,

Check these topics for links to related docs

Thanks, this helps. Is there a way to remove or hide the y-axis that displays the time for both the week and day views? I want to display the requirements/events without having to depend on time, right now I am parsing in the data to the scheduler by 1 hour increments to display them without breaking. :confused:

How do you want display events in day/week views without a time scale? Do you mean they should be stacked within vertical day columns?
There is no trivial way to modify built-in daily views that way, but you can check following ones:

If none of these fits, the only solution would be to implement a custom view in order to display events as you want them to. Here are some details