How do I set the API Properties?


I’m new to a lot of the concepts here, but am slowly learning. I have installed Scheduler on my Joomla 2.5 website and it seems to be working okay, but I wanted to adjust a some of the properties not accessable on the back-end interface for Sheduler.

I found the API Reference in the documentation ( … duler.html) and there looks to be heaps of useful stuff in there, but I can figure out how to impliment any of it.

For example I want to set the drag_move property to false for my calendar. As a newbie, would someone be able to show me how to do this? i think that might give me a good start on understanding the rest.


Many of API settings are duplicated in Admin section of component.

Anyway, you can locate the “scheduler_include.html” in the component’s folder and add the next code into the file

Many thanks!

So, will I be able to put any of the API properties within the script block?

Yep, you can place any scheduer API calls in the scheduler_include.html