How do I stop the automatic style change to a grid cell?


I have update mode set to off, as follows
I successfully send data to the server later by using:
I am using the dataprocessor debug to follow what happens when I change the value in a cell, and I get the following debug line:
row 1390109384005 marked [updated,valid]
(I think this means that the row is marked as updated, which causes the row to be sent to the server when I run sendData.)

All is good, so far.

I am then using setCellTextStyle to successfully change the style of the changed cell, and I don’t want any other style changes to occur to the row until I run sendData. My problem is that when the row is marked as updated according to the debug, at the same time the automatic style change to the whole row occurs, negating the style change already implemented for the changed cell.

How do I keep the automatic style change to the row from occurring?


I found the answer I need in the following post:
grid dataProcessor after update - cell-style lost
dp.attachEvent(“onRowMark”,function(id,state,mode,is_invalid){ return false; })

Using “false” keeps the row style change from occurring, and leaves the cell style in place, while still marking the row as “updated” as needed for sendData, all of which is what I wanted.