How do you get the full lightbox enter window to appear

When I double click a time on the calendar to make an entry a small, condensed form appears. I have to first save the form and then click the Lightbox icon to get the full Lightbox window to appear.

How can I configure scheduler to just bring up the full lightbox window on a double-click event?


You need to set details_on_dblclick to true and if you want to hide the selection menu, set “scheduler.xy.menu_width = 0”.
Demo: … onfig.html … other.html

Ok, thank you for the tip.

But the demo does not function exactly as I would like or what I would like to achieve.

In the demo, I need to double-click twice. Once to bring up the small “event” entry box and then a second time to bring up Lightbox.

What I want to do is simply go straight to Lightbox. Preferably on a single click, but I’ll settle with a double-click if there is no other way to get there.

Is it possible to go right into Lightbox with this plugin?

probably you need details_on_create config:
It switched the default behavior of double click from inline editor to lightbox. … onfig.html

As for creating events with a single-click, please check this demo … reate.html

Excellent @Aliaksandr

This is exactly what I want to do…I need to study what you’ve provided me with and implement.

I’ll post back if I have any more questions.

Thanks for the help.