How do you render the scheduler to a nested div id?

Scheduler only seems to render if it is placed within a root level div.
I am trying to figure out how to render to a nested div id… anybody have a clue?

This works…

<div id="scheduler_here"></div>

This doesn’t work…

<div id="wrapper">
<div id="scheduler_here"></div>

Actually it can be rendered in any part of the page, just be sure that target container has some sizes assigned ( if container has zero size on moment of initialization - result scheduler just will not be visible )

Thanks for the reply, but this is not working…

I have applied css for height width and border and all are working fine with the nested div… but no scheduler. Can you provide a working example of Scheduler working within a nested div. I have built several working examples and the scheduler does not show up in any. I know this has to be something simple, and is driving me crazy. What am I missing?

ps- not sure if it helps or adds to the confusion, but the image below is what is showing up 99% of the time… as I have been working on this, out of about 1,000 refreshes the calendar actually showed up twice… with no change in the code.

Turns out that I have a butt load of javascript loading and when I moved to the Scheduler scripts above all other in my HTML doc it fully displayed… so there must be some ordering requirements that I was unaware of.

Normally, position of scheduler script must not matter ( of course, scheduler init need to be executed after related container is rendered on the page ) , but if some other scripts actively change page layout - it may be important.