How does 'Hot Key' in menu work

Please could you show me an example of how to get the ‘Hot Key’ function to work. I have got the following xml for an item:

 <item text="Add/Edit Menus" id="winAddEditMenus">
    <userdata name="menutype">FRM</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuid">winAddEditMenus</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuxsize">500</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuysize">400</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuhdr">Add/Edi Menus</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuurl">/menu/addeditmenu</userdata>
    <userdata name="menuopparams">NIL</userdata>
    <userdata name="menusingleuser">Y</userdata>

But when I try to use Ctrl+M nothing happens.


“hot key” functionality displayes a text next to the item label and doesn’t sets event listeners.

You need to include dhtmlxmenu_ext.js to use this feature.