How does one get a grid cell's contents?


how do I reference the value of a cell in a grid using Javascript?

For example, if I want to get the cell value of the third row, fourth column in a grid, what is the DHTMLX Javascript object function to do this?

I want to grab a string, or a number located in any specified single cell using Javascript to run various program operations.

Figured it out. Here’s the way:

Green is a User Selected Label
Bold Black is DHTMLX Javascript API

Let’s say the user defined grid object is the following:


First, make a function to call for every row select event, which takes in the grid cell row label and cell offset

function doThis (rowID, colOffset) {
//Output the HTML contents of the grid cell
var outContents = myGrid.cells(rowId, colOffset).cell.innerHTML;
alert (outContents);

Then make the grid object function event call to send the grid cell row ID, and column offset to the doThis function:

myGrid.attachEvent(“onRowSelect”, doThis);