How i can make multi event_id to timeline and units view?

Hello, Dhx
I know what it is about mulitsection on DHTMLX site. ( … onfig.html)
it show me that if it works with event_id and section by overlap like duplicate it.
by the way I want to sign up for that only event_id with overlapped on units view timeline. Of course without section. I dont have any salutary ideas.
If it put only evert_id without section, it will gone on result like i dont want get this on result.
i have difficulty doing that how i can get idea without section. Then it is no hit the ball and no hit upon it.
i hope that you ask for in earnest about it should work only evert_id without section.

Thank you :slight_smile:


As I understand, you don’t need sections in timeline and unit views.

In timelime it’s possible to hide them by adding “dx:0” and “display:none” for .dhx_matrix_scell:

But can’t provide with a solution for unit view. Because the main idea in this view is to have sections on X scale and it loses the meaning without them.

oh Thank you for your answer:)

How i can add class name on dhx_cal_event_line?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please, use scheduler.templates.event_class to add the CSS class to the event’s container … lates.html