how is the integration db scheduler

Good morning.
I have a scheduler or the place I go.
I set up a multiple agenda.
When I save my appointment I would like to retrieve the value of my calendar_id but I do not know where to put it to register itself well in the db.

Sorry for my English but I do not speak English very well.

Any custom field need to be registered in the connector’s file, just add it to the list of fields in the render_table command, it will be enough to read and save data.

On client side you can read|write this property as


Thank you for your help.
Here is my events_map_view.php

<?php $calendar_id = $_GET['calendar_id']; include ('../../../codebase/connector/scheduler_connector.php'); include ('../../common/config.php'); $res=mysql_connect($server, $user, $pass); mysql_select_db($db_name); $scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res); //$scheduler->enable_log("log.txt",true); $scheduler->render_sql("select * from digi_calendar_events where calendar_id = '".$calendar_id."'","id","start_date_time,end_date_Time,subject,location,description,calendar_id,lat,lng"); // $scheduler->render_table("digi_calendar_events","id","start_date_time,end_date_Time,subject,location,description,calendar_id,lat,lng"); ?>

Now I do not know or I should say my record calendar_id

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res); function myCode($data){ global $calendar_id; $data->set_value("calendar_id", $calendar_id); } $scheduler->event->attach("beforeProcessing", "myCode");

Above code will set correct calendar id for all insert and update requests