How render_table works

Hi everybody,
when i use render_table to load events and put them into my timeline view, how does it pair the results with the section on the y-axis?
Because i can’t load my events from mysql db.

This is configured on a client side.

When you are using scheduler.createTimelineView API you are settings y_property like next

scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "timeline", y_unit: [ {key:1, label:"Section A"}, {key:2, label:"Section B"}, {key:3, label:"Section C"}, {key:4, label:"Section D"} ], y_property:"section_id", render: "bar" });

As result script will take the obj.section_id from the incoming data and will match it to the one of keys in y_unit array.

All that need to be done on a server side, the section_id field must be included in the render_table command

scheduler->render_table("events", "id", "start_date, end_date, text, section_id")

And, of course, you can use your own name for that field