How return text from Combo (in Lightbox) to Eventbox text?

Hello all!
Tell me please how return text from Combo (in Lightbox) to Eventbox text on event saved?

For example,
i have database and combo in lightbox (like a example … om_db.html)
I hava that after I chose the value in combo and save i get this value event text.
How on image

This is possible? Thank you advance!! =)


You must use here almost the same way as I described you earlier for checkboxes.

When you save event, ‘onEventSave’ fires … event.html
You can get there an event object as a parameter:

Using it, get value (country - it is supposed property name from data for the select section in the lightbox) - it is a key from array contains countries. Then get label value which corresponds to the key value.
Finally, to set it as an event text, just use
ev.text = required value in onEventSave.