How split or divide task bar

divide task bar and include inside a icons and task name in bar mode any option or sample code.

Icons and any other html content can be injected into event elements using event_text and event_bar_text templates … plate.html

scheduler.templates.event_bar_text = function(start, end, event){ var img = "<img src='url' />"; return event.text + img; };


As for splitting/dividing bars - there is not built-in solution to split an event.
You can implement such logic from code by creating additional scheduler events that will represent parts of the original one.

E.g. when user wants to split the event, you create a two copies of that event:

  1. {start_date: original start, end_date: split start, groupId: originalId}
  2. {start_date:split end, end_date: original end, groupId: originalId}
    load them into the scheduler and hide the original event.
    I don’t have a ready demo, unfortunately