how t customize paging in dhtmlx grid


i’m new to dhtmlx grid.can u please tell how to customize the paging in grid.Actually my requirements in paging has to be appear on top right corner of the grid with only next and previous buttons.

Method enablePaging(fl,rowsPerPage,pagesInGroup,pagingArea,recInfoEnabled,recinfoArea); has parameters:

# fl - true to enable paginal output
# rowsPerPage - number of rows per page
# pagesInGroup - number of pages in group. You can set any number, but it is recommended to use smaller. There is also some auto-limits when using autoloading (grid will correct value automatically).
# pagingArea - ID of element (or element) where to append paging pannel to (where to show pages navigation)
# recInfoEnabled - means that Records Info will be shown (“Results 11-40 from known 100”)

# recinfoArea - ID of element to append Records Info to (by default it will be append to paging panel)

You can place elements with id’s pagingArea and recinfoArea at any place on your page
You can find complete reference how to customize paginal output here … custpaging