How to access DHTMLX Form in Javascript, Create In HTML

I have dhtmlx form and dhtmlx window declaration like this :

			dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
			w1 = dhxWins.createWindow("w1", 20, 30, 400, 280);

     <div id="myForm" style="height:100%; display: none;">
        <div id="form1" style="height:150px; overflow:auto;">
            <ul class="dhtmlxForm" id="myFormContent" name="myFormContent" style="height:50px;">
        <div id="form2" style="height:50px; overflow:auto; background:#0F6;">
            <ul class="dhtmlxForm" id="myFormFooter" name="myFormFooter" style="height:50px;">

my question how to access form in javascript? thanks.

Please, try to use the attachForm method to add the dhtmlxForm to your dhtmlxWindows
Here you can find a working sample: … _form.html

You can use value of “name” attribute


    var values = window.myFormContent.getFormData();[/code]

nice… thanks a lot