How to add a Edit Box and the Calendar control to Dhtmlxtab

How to add a Edit Box and the Calendar control to Dhtmlxtabbar control

If you want to have cell which must allow the edit and popup calendar editors in same time - it is not possible with current versino of dhtmlxGrid, but oncoming one already have such editor implemented.
If you need it ASAP please contact directly at, I will send you a necessary code ( it optimized for oncoming dhtmlxGrid 1.4 , but must work with existing 1.3 code as well )

Actually according to my project i need to get the DHTMLXTABBAR on clicking a Grid. On that Tabbar i need to have a calendar control and a Simple edit box.  Is this possible to get  ? I dont want the Grid to have both Edit box and the Calendar control .

It is possible by creation of custom exCell editor, but it will be a fully custom edit control, there is no any similar control available for now.
You can reffer to section of guide which describes how custom controls can be created.