How to add a new parameter to events in js

i have generated a color field along with start date, end date, name etc in the xml file where the events are read by the scheduler.js for populating the events in the calender. Can anyone please help by saying where the attributes of the events are assigned in the scheduler.js because i need to assign this new parameter and read its value from the xml file.

scheduler takes ALL attributes from xml, so you can use


to access values from XML.
If you want to have this attribute as editable - lightbox configuration need to be adjusted … tails_form

I want to bring the color in the div inside the scheduler.js which is populating the events in the calendar. And set the backgroundcolor as the new color.This color i have added in my xml. Can u please tell me which function i should use the color for div and how to get this color in js.

Check the next sample in scheduler’s package