How to add a row to a grid with 'enableColumnMove'

If you enable enableColumnMove so that you can move columns, how do you use addRow(), or how do you add rows so that each element goes to the right column? Could we somehow use setColumnIds() to identify each column?¿


Unfortunately it is not available to use the addRow() method with the column ids. Only the indexes can be used.
indexes show the current order of the columns. You may shuffle the columns in any order but the first displaying column in the grid will have the index “0”, second - “1” etc.

Ok, so the grid.addRow function will not work if the columns are in different position than the original one.
Does the grid.parse(xml) works if the columns have been moved? I think it does, but i didn’t found anything in the documentation about it.


In case of using the load/parse method the cells will be loaded accordingly to the original order of the columns.