How to add a title attribute to event div

Is there anyway to add a title=“some flyover text” to the event div element dynamically from the database feed?


Please, use this way:

scheduler.getEvent(eventId).title = new_value; scheduler.updateEvent(eventId);

I think my previous answer isn’t exactly what you need.
There is no trivial way to add html tooltip. Instead of it it’s possible to include the dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js extension to show tooltip and use scheduler.templates.tooltip_text to display required information.

Oh my…I love it when things are easy. Took me all of 10 minutes to implement, tweak and fine tune.

if only Scheduler was that easy…I’ve spent close to 10 days now trying to get it to work. I keep wanting to give up on it but for whatever reason I try one more thing, then one more thing, then…10-days later :frowning:

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