How to add an Object or Embed PDF in tab?


I am trying to put a PDF in a tab. Works fine in Firefox, in IE however I only get a hint of a white box where the PDF should be.

I’ve tried using both the object tag and the embed tag (and even Iframe) - the results are the same.

If I load the PDF outside the tab - it works fine. If I append the object using javascript to the tab’s div tag, I get the same result (hint of a white box).



I am still curious if there is an elegant solution to this.

The work-around I used was to create a place holder div tag (id = ‘pdfPlaceHolder’) of the proper dimensions in the tab. Outside the tab I wrapped the PDF object in a second div tag (id = ‘pdf’ initially hidden) .

I then created a function to capture when the tab was selected. If the tab was the one containing the PDF, I reset the left,top coordinates of the ‘pdf’ div tag to match the ‘pdfPlaceHolder’ div tag and then altered it’s visibility to show.

For some reason I did not have to re-hide when a different tab was selected, and it does not appear that I have to “reshow” when the tab is selected a second time (though I left the code to go ahead and reset the div tag anyway).

Hope this helps someone in the future…