How to add blocked time to Month View

I am able to add scheduler.addMarkedTimespan() to Day view and Week view.

(1) How do I also add it to Month view?

(2) is it possible to apply different css styles (i.e., fat_lines, vs. medium_lines, small_lines) to each view – Day, Week, Month? If so, how do you do that?


  1. To enable marked timespans for the Month view, you need to redefine a specific CSS class:

    /* enabling marked timespans for month view */
    .dhx_scheduler_month .dhx_marked_timespan { display: block; }

  2. To set different styles for views, please use next way for it:

    .dhx_scheduler_month .CSS_class{
    /* styles for month /
    .dhx_scheduler_week .CSS_class{
    styles for week*/
    .dhx_scheduler_day .CSS_class{
    /* styles for day*/


Here is what I have defined so far:


// process date blocking scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({ start_date: new Date( 2000, (1-1), 1 ), // blocks past dates starting 1/1/2000 end_date: new Date( 2017, (4-1), (9+1) ), // blocks past dates ending 4/9/2017 type: "dhx_time_block", css: "fat_lines_shading" });


.dhx_scheduler_day .fat_lines_shading, .dhx_scheduler_week .fat_lines_shading, .dhx_scheduler_month .fat_lines_shading { background: transparent url( imgs/fat_lines.png ); }

Day View Screen Shot:

Week View Screen Shot:

Month View screen Shot:

So how can I get the fat_lines to appear on the month view?

Please, check if you add “display: block” for .dhx_scheduler_month .dhx_marked_timespan

.dhx_scheduler_month .dhx_marked_timespan { display: block; }

Excellent @Polina!

That was the answer.

Thanks !!