How to add conditional formatting/styling?

Dear community!
How would I be able to add conditional row-formatting like:
Only if a certain cell in that row contains a certain value?


This is one way to do it:

mygrid.load("the url to your grid connector",function(){ // after the dta is loaded completely mygrid.forEachRow(function(id){ //you may iterate through all the rows var progress = mygrid.cells(id,1).getValue(); console.log(progress); if(progress == '100%'){ mygrid.setRowColor(id,"red"); } }); });
However, can I make this update immediately, not having to refresh the page? Cheers!

You may call the cell value checking from the onCellChanged event: … event.html
it will trigger on the data is loading to the grid and after the user make changes to the cell.

mygrid.attachEvent("onCellChanged", function(rId,cInd,nValue){ if(nValue=="100%") mygrid.setRowColor(rId,"red"); });

Thank you very much!