How to add Icon to a mindmap topic shape object

We’re trying to use/evaluate the diagramming tool using the Mindmap. We need to be able to have a custom field for a Icon on each topic shape, and then have the shape can be dblclick open a IconPicker like ColorPicker . I’m not found how to add these to the existing topic shapes (if possible) or create duplicates of each shape with the additional field and then render it.

I found a way: Create Custom Shape Template can add Icon eg:

       var icon = "fa fa-plus"

	<div class="dhx_diagram_template__row" >
		<div class="dhx_diagram_icon  editIcon">
			<i class="${config.icon}" ></i>
              <div class="dhx_diagram_item__text editText">${config.text}</div>

DoubleClick “editIcon” can open IconPicker
DoubleClick “editText” can open Inline editing [not working]
How can I use javascript method using Inline editing method

Please, try to use the eventHandlers property to add your own event handlers for the custom shapes: