how to add new recursive event type hour

scheduler providers rec events from day week month year but i want hourly based rec events is it possible to add functionality if yes how any working examples ?

there is no easy way to do so, and might be impossible without modifying source files.
You may check the current implementation of recurring events in dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js, the package contains a readable version of the codebase.
Note a .transpose_type and .repeat_date functions that are responsible for processing formats of recurring event. However, I can’t provide more detailed instructions at the moment

so how can i go ahead without proper info ?

The above functionality not supported, and this part of code can’t be easily modified.
If this functionality is really critical for your app - you can contact about custom development.

thanks mate i added hourly rec functionality :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How did chintan_chiku added hourly functionality? Any updates in this topic guys?

Is it possible to do hourly or minutely recurring events?