How to add parameter in scheduler._on_mouse_up=function(e){

Hi all,
i want to add parameter, exactly a field on database. Ex : i have a database named “rent_car” with table name : “car_detail” and there is a field named “manufacturer”

Here is the code : (file name : dhtmlxscheduler.js)

if (e && e.button == 2 && scheduler.config.touch) return; //Asal nge-lepas Klik

	if (this._drag_mode && this._drag_id){    //Lepas Klik setelah drag drop
		var ev=this.getEvent(this._drag_id);
		var resourceId = ev.resource_id;

			if (this._drag_event._dhx_changed || !this._drag_event.start_date || ev.start_date.valueOf()!=this._drag_event.start_date.valueOf() || ev.end_date.valueOf()!=this._drag_event.end_date.valueOf()){
				var is_new = (this._drag_mode=="new-size");
				var ababa = ( == 8);

// onBeforeEventChanged is fires when the event has been changed by drag-n-drop, but the changes aren’t saved yet.
if (!this.callEvent(“onBeforeEventChanged”,[ev, e, is_new, ababa])) {
alert(“Maaf. resource untuk waktu yang anda pilih tidak bisa dipesan.”)
if (is_new)
this.deleteEvent(, true);
else {
this._drag_event._dhx_changed = false;
scheduler._lame_copy(ev, this._drag_event);
} else {
var drag_id = this._drag_id;
this._drag_id = this._drag_mode = null;
if (is_new && this.config.edit_on_create){
this._new_event=new Date();//timestamp of creation
//if selection disabled - force lightbox usage
if (this._table_view || this.config.details_on_create || ! {
return this.showLightbox(drag_id);
this._drag_pos = true; //set flag to trigger full redraw
this._select_id = this._edit_id = drag_id;
} else {
if (!this._new_event)
if (this._drag_pos) this.render_view_data(); //redraw even if there is no real changes - necessary for correct positioning item after drag
this._drag_id = null;

any help and solution would be greatly appreciated.

i want to add a parameter in that code.
like : if (car name = toyota)
alert “You cant Book Toyota”

if you want to add some validation for user actions, you don’t need to overwrite inner methods for this.
Please check these API events, … event.html … event.html … duler.html