How to add placeholder for event text box inside lightbox

Hi, I have a custom textbox inside lightbox(in scheduler) and want to set placeholder text for this. How can I achieve this?

Hello @rajeswarij ,

Just as a clarification, you mean that you created some custom textbox control, as described by the following link:

? If so, I can’t give any suggestions, as possibility to add a placeholder will be connected with the functionality of this custom control, so you should check its own documentation(but likely it will be possible).

If you just added another textarea control:

It uses displays the connected field of the event, so you can just add some default content to the associated field of the event, so it will be used as a placeholder, something like follows:

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeLightbox", function (id){
    let ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
        ev.text_2 = "Placeholder text"
    return true;


btw, the dev team will add the API that allows to define placeholder to the textarea in the future scheduler update.

Best regards,


        ev.text_2 = "Placeholder text"

This is not exactly a placeholder. this is some default text you are adding. However, I was able to add placeholder through some css changes.

Adding support for placeholder in future release would be highly appreciated. Thanks.