How to add Resources/Holders to the task dynamically?


How can I load the resources/holders of a particular task dynamically? And also add it to the task in the lightbox?

please give more details on what you doing.
Currently the gantt does not have a programmatic concept of holders or resources, so they can be added as a regular properties to the task object
If you want managing values selected in the lightbox, you can check this method … ction.html


What I am trying to do is when I add a task to the gantt, a resource/holder who has to accomplish that task should also be added and the users to whom the task can be assigned should be dynamically added. so that i can know to whom the task is assigned

do you mean you need to set some initial/default values to a newly created task?
How should the resource and users to be added? Do you add an appropriate controls to the lightbox, or are these values are known from the app context and should be assigned to the task object from code, without direct users action?

Right now I not completely understand at which stage you are, so not sure that my answers will be valid

In order to assign an initial values to the added event, you can use onTaskCreated event: … event.html
You can add the required values directly to the task object in the arguments. The event fires before the lightbox is shown, so if you assign values there - lightbox will use them.

Or is the question is how do you save a ‘resource’ and ‘user’ info of the task into the database?
If so - any custom columns can be added to connector configuration on the server … hedatabase

Each time task is added/changed client sends all it’s properties to the server, all properties that are listed in connector configuration will be saved to the database