how to add tips for the existing form elements.

Hi ,
From our documnet ,i can’t find the way to add the tips for the existing form elements.When the mouseover the elements (input ,select or others )the tips according to the elements will be shown in certain position to help user .

Thanks !!


form does not support tooltips. What form elements are you interested in? And what form version are you using ?
We could provide you the solution how to get html object of these elements. And then you could set title attributes for them.

The element is input and select .
The code version is v2.6 . Is it possible to show the tip when the we click the elemets or use the TAB key to switch to the elements . I wonder whether we can have cool style of the tips not only like the style as we add a title to

What i want is to make the page more user-friendly .

Thanks for your great help !!

Currently we do not have plans to implement custom tooltips.

To get input and select objects you may define the following methods:{
return item.childNodes[0].childNodes[1].childNodes[0];
return item.childNodes[0].childNodes[1].childNodes[0];

var selectObj = yourForm.doWithItem(selectName, “getSelect”);
var inputObj = yourForm.doWithItem(inputName, “getInput”);