How to amend Title attribute for a row?

I know how to set the Title attribute whilst loading data via XML but now I would like to programmatically amend the ‘Title’ attribute for a row after it is loaded.

Please can someone help me.


You may try to use:

 mygrid.cellById(row_Id,col_Ind).setAttribute("title","useful tooltip");

Thanks very much Sematik.

Sematik I couldn’t find this in the documentation. This just wastes your time and mine. I don’t understand why you guys don’t create complete documentation.

Your software is amazing but your documentation is amazingly bad. I’ve said this many times before but it seems you don’t mind time being wasted on both sides.


Here you are: … attributes

Sematik, thanks for pointing that out to me and I apologise for not seeing it there.

However I mainly look at the API as the fastest way of getting the info I need and ‘setAttribute’ doesn’t appear there hence my comment.


Thank you for your note.
Methods of the cell object will be added to the documentation in the near future.