How to apply calendar to the date_of_end into Recurring Events


Hi, anyone helps me to apply the calendar on date_of_end and can I use date_of_end instead of end_date when I create an event. I had hidden end_date and want to use the only date_of_end. Also, anyone shows how to set date_of_end?




Please clarify what you mean by “date_of_end”?



definitely, I had drawn a circle on it.

Endby = “date_of_end”


If you want that the recurring series will be finished on the specified date in the “end by” field, please set the value of include_end_by config to true.

No, these are different properties and end_date property cannot be replaced by another one. end_date property is the end date of the last event in a series in the format and it is mandatory property.