How to attach a dhtmlxTree and 2 divs to a layout cell?

I am using “3T” layout and I would like to attach a “dhtmlxTree” and 2 divs to dhxLayoutMain.cells(“b”).

My 2 divs have the following html:


You have to attach tree and other 2 divs in a common div and use attachObject to attach it to the cell.

Thank you for your reply.

So you are suggesting me to do the following:



How would I then initialize the following tree and attach all of them to layout cell b?

var MyTreeArray = new Array(
	["2","1","Upcoming Assessments"],
	["3","0","<b>Medical History</b>"],
	["5","0","<b>Change Password</b>"],
	["6","5","Change Password"]	
myTree.loadJSArray(MyTreeArray); // loading from an array object

Use one of the init samples to build the tree in a div. … _settings/

In your case it can be something like this:
var MyTreeArray = new Array(
[“2”,“1”,“Upcoming Assessments”],
[“3”,“0”,“Medical History”],
[“5”,“0”,“Change Password”],
[“6”,“5”,“Change Password”]
myTree= new dhtmlXTreeObject(“TreeDiv”, “100%”, “100%”, 0);

Thanks Darya. It works. Again thank you for your suggestions and help.

You are welcome!