How to attach grid from html table to layout


What I’m trying to do is to “convert” a page with a normal html toolbar and table into a layout with dhtmlxToolbar and dhtmlxGrid. Creating the toolbar was easy enough, but I’m having problems attaching the grid to a layout.

I’ve seen the documentation for attaching grids, but that only seems to cover XML-based grids, not grids created from html tables.

var mygrid = dhtmlXGridFromTable('tableID'); pageLayout.cells('a').attachGrid(mygrid);

Any ideas?

Unfortunately it is not available to attach initialized from html table dhtmlxGrid to layout. You will have to use init from script or XML, data can be loaded from XML, JSON, CSV.

my solution is attach an object:

----- javascript------

----- html ------

Column 1 Column 1
value xxx zzz
value xxx zzz
value xxx zzz
value xxx zzz
co str 5000