how to autoschedule a task with $no_start and $no_end true?


How can I autoschedule a task/project with $no_start and $no_end equals true.

the timing of such task is defined by timing of their subtasks. So when the project has a constraint it will be applied to it’s childs and as a result the project will be rescheduler.
However, I’ve reproduced the bug when autoscheduling does not calculate the default date for empty project. We’ll fix it tomorrow, I’ll give you an update as soon as the fix is ready


Can you atleast provide me the expected dates for the release because it’s affect the pace of my project.



Please provide me any updates if you have or dates that i can expect it to be fixed.

sorry for delay, seems like we’ve missed out these issues.
We’ve put them on todo list for the upcoming release, so the bugs will be fixed in v4.0 which is planned to be released next week


To autoschedule project you could call autoSchedule function with appropriate id as parameter.

This one is fixed you could contact support to get it.