How to avoid overlapping events?


We have a resource ID associated with all events. Suppose there are some event time slots already created on a day (say at 9AM-10AM, 10.30AM to 11.30AM, 12.00 PM to 2PM, 4PM to next day 10AM). We need to avoid adding an event for a particular resource with a start date/end date coming in this time slots (event overlapping). How to achieve this? Do you provide any inbuilt function for this validation which we can use or override? We will greatly appreciate if you can give us a resolution for this.

Terence George

Hi Terance,
If you review the collisions feature, that has a feature to do as you described: … collisions

I am also writing a script which needs to be implemented against collisions with the copy and paste event, on the following page (havent implemented/tested it yet, but it has the right logic):

Hope that helps.
Kind regards

Thanks a lot Greg