How to avoid sending unneccessary data to the server?


I have a lot of columns with a lot of extra data in each cell. Now I want to reduce the amount of data that gets send to the server on update. At the moment more than 3k characters gets send to the server including all userdata, the complete header and all cells of the changed row.

Is there a way to reduce this to just the current row ID and the changed cell?

So far I’ve tried … emode.html

dp.setUpdateMode("cell", false);

This is the default setting and the whole row gets send to the server.
I only want to send the data that was actually changed, not the unchanged content.

Thanks for your support.


Unfortunately, there is no any default solution.
You can use the onEditCell event, to catch when a cell was changed, and trigger custom ajax call, instead of default dataprocessor logic. ( connectors, will not be able to handle such updates, so you will need a custom data saving code on a server-side )