How to block holidays dynamically?

I am aiming to have a list of holidays, list of date in which a provider is not available. For this reason, I want to populate the blocking the date in the scheduler dynamically. This data may come from the database.

Does anyone know how to achieve it?
Any help is much appreciated.

When initializing scheduler you can use TimeSpan api to add such kind of marking

Currently the markers|blockers can be added only during initialization. ( they can be added dynamically by java script - but there is no way to load them directly from DB in such case )

I would also like to see the ability to load marking / blocking timespans dynamically.

Since the marking periods I’m using are not the same for each week, I would need to load all of them upon initialisation which is not optimal. I’m using one scheduler so my client can schedule these markings, and another scheduler to schedule the real events but showing the markings on the background.

The markings are based on who’s present in a local shop, and the events are the real customer meetings that are planned. So if a customers calls, they can plan a meeting with one of the salesman on a given day the person is present.

Could this be implemented?

This is not a first request for such functionality, and we have it our short term plan, but I can’t provide any exact date yet.

If you need it ASAP - you can contact about custom development