How to center a dhtmlxform on page

I have a super simple div in middle of my page. I put some text in the div and it appears in the middle of page as expected. Great I’m thinking. I then remove the text and attach my dhtmlxform to the div and when I do it shoves the div and form all the way to the left edge of screen. How do I get a dhtmlxform in the center of the page??? I do not want to put the form inside a layout or window or any other dhtmlx component. I just want it in a div. Thanks!

The simples and the most reliable way is attaching your form to dhtmlxWindow … indow.html
If you don’t need header - just hide it my method hideHeader()
And center your window by method center()

Yes, I am aware of that, but you still have the border. I must have fields in the center of the screen with nothing around them at all. And I really want to use the dhtmlxform so I can have the nice styled submit button. Why does attaching a dhtmlxform to a div cause the div to no longer be centered?

Could youi attach your completed demo with whis div you’ve try to center? … leted_demo