How to change height of tabbar, attached to layout?

I’m attaching tabbar to layout cell. Either cell height set to 40px, tabbar attaching with its default 60px.
How I can change the height of tabbar?


Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Could you please, provide a using code snippet/demo link or a complete demo, where the problem can be reproduced locally.

Sorry, this is my mistake: toolbar, not a tabbar.

Here is a problem: I created simple layout:

var config = {
css: “dhx_layout-cell–bordered”,
rows: [{
id: “toolbar”,
css: “dhx_layout-cell–border_bottom”,
gravity: false,
height: “40px”
id: “content”,
html: “Content”,
gravity: true,
css: “dhx_layout-cell–no_border”
id: “footer”,
css: “dhx_layout-cell–border_top dhx_widget–bg_gray”,
gravity: false,
height: “40px”
where height of top and bottom area set to 40, instead of 60, as in the example.

Then I attached the basic toolbar to the top Layout cell:


How I can see in Chrome: the toolbar height is 58, so the “Content” html from middle cell are moving behind the bottom border of toolbar.

Does the attached objects should respect the parent container dimensions?

Unfortunately the toolbar has the fixed min-height and cannot be autoadjusted to less than the 58px.