How to change the default hierarchical icons for tree/treegrid


Dhx7’s default signs are triangles leftside of the nodes. The hierarchical membership is not well shown, while the previous Dhx5’s default line/plus/minus style is straighforward. How to achieve this in Dhx7? Thx


For a Tree, I did the following to augment the standard triangle to add more visible clarity for the user. Note: There are three states that need to be addressed. Could this work for you?

var tree = new dhx.Tree("tree_div", {
	checkbox: false,
	keyNavigation: true,
	icon: {
		folder: "far fa-address-card",
		openFolder: "far fa-folder-open",
		file: "far fa-user-circle"

Hope this helps!


Many thanks, ND_Results.
This adds additional icons and it really helps.