How to change the height of all items on the accordion

Hi, I am trying to increase the size of all items on the accordion and also change the font size?

How do I do these two things?



we need more details about the issue:

  • which size did you mean header or the whole item ?
  • is accordion in “multi” mode or not ?
  • what font size would you like to change: header or content ?

Posisbly the picture would help to understand the issue …

Hi Alexandra,
I had to put on hold the project I was working on and that is why I couldn’t reply until now.
Basically I would like to increase the size of all elements and fonts so it can be used on a small screen size like an iPhone, I am not using multi-mode.
I am attaching a screenshot of the page with a comment, I hope this is possible to do.

Thansk so much,


size header size is fixed. Moreover, background-image is also has fixed size.

Possibly you could use dhx_web instead of skyblue. All items of this skin have offset.

The text and colors can be adjusted by SkinBuilder:

what do you mean by offset? can I change the heights?

what do you mean by offset?

The distance between items.

can I change the heights?

There is not a public method. Here is the workaround for dhx_skyblue

var newHeight = 35;
dhxAccord.skinParams.dhx_skyblue.cell_height = newHeight ;

Also you’ll need to modify css. For example:

div.dhx_acc_base_dhx_skyblue div.dhx_acc_item div.dhx_acc_item_label { height: 35px; line-height: 35px; background-image: url("../new_bg.gif"); ... }

That worked, thanks for the excellent support!