How to check existing Marktimespan in a specific zone


I have case where i need to mark calendar dynamically as following

 jQuery('.abc').on('click', function () {

      days:  5,                  
      css:     "color" ,
       zones: [1*60, 3*60, 5*60, 9*60,10*60, 12*60]

So on the first time it will mark my given day and its zones.
I need to make a check on next time that it would check that if there is already a MARKING is saved in same area.

How can i achieve please?

Waiting for anyone to reply Please. …


currently there is no built-in way to do so. The only quite workable solution would be to store timespan ranges somewhere on the page (an array of all configs that added to the chart, stored in some variable), and when needed just loop through configs and somehow check the inclusion.

Your Suggestion was the alternative idea of mine already . But i thought may be there is some Scheduler way to do it.So lets just ask first.
Any way.
Thanks Dear for your reply.
And if you can check my other posts and and question please.