How to check the rows of a page in a paging grid

I would like to know if there is a way of selecting (by checking with a master check) all the rows of the actual page.

Thanks anyway

By default master_checkbox checks only rendered rows. In case of paging only rows from opened pages are rendered. To check rows only from one visible page with master_checkbox you should modify dhtmlxgrid_filter.js file.
Starting from dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._in_header_master_checkbox=function(t,i,c){ you can place following code:

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._in_header_master_checkbox=function(t,i,c){ t.innerHTML=c[0]+"<input type='checkbox' />"+c[1]; var self=this; t.firstChild.onclick=function(e){ self._build_m_order(); var j=self._m_order?self._m_order[i]:i; var val=this.checked?1:0; var state=self.getStateOfView(); for (var k=state[1]; k<state[2]; k++){ var c=self.cellById(self.getRowId(k),j); if (c.isCheckbox()) c.setValue(val); } (e||event).cancelBubble=true; } }