How to close a task manually

Hi, guys,
I am very much excited about features in Gantt chart, I have some doubt

  1. how do I close the task? once it close it cannot be modified/edit how do I do it? plz suggest me how to do it
  2. I want to close a task manually like i have one dropdown in that i have two options with open/close, if I close the task it should close, plz help me how do we achieve this in Gantt chart

Could you clarify what you want to do with the task?
Do you want to close the lightbox or quick info, collapse the task or make it read only?

Do you want to have something like in the following example? … utton.html
I created a snippet for you demonstrating how you can make a task read only(so you won’t be able to edit it again):
If you need something else, please clarify.