How to close grid cache

Hi, when my team used smart , we met a problem which caused by grid cache.When we query data from client and show it on the grid, the grid will store the currentPage by itself. It’s smart, but I found a problem with paging because of this smart function. If two people use our project at the same time, one called A is scanning the pages, the other called B is add a row to the database. In the moment, the total_count is 29, B adds one to the database, while A is going to next page, which will make the old total_count and the new total_count different and the next page may have one repetitive row, meanwhile, the row that is added by B can’t be searched, because the dhtmlx has thought that the cache is enough according to the total_count.Now I find the bug is hard to solve just by changing logic code. Does anyone met the same problem? Please help me or give me some suggestions by sending mails to my mailbox------ Is there any other Chinese team who are using dhtmlx? Our team is strange to dhtmlx, if some Chinese team is using it, please contact me.

Please, try to use the dhx.ajax.cache property: